Rouges 7 warlords clothes


Ian J. Rouge aka Black hat Ian and Black hole Ian is the leader of the X-Mark Pirates

Rouge was born April 1st on a island in the west blue. At a young age he started causing trouble around his home town doing things like stealing food and pulling pranks. When he was 17 he bought a ship call the Blue Dawn and started the crew X-mark Pirates with his younger brother Rin. They soon made a name for them sevles plundering small ship in the west blue. At age 19 he ate the Black hole fruit gaining new power. at age 23 he fought venom fang Trunks at water 7. There ship was sunk by Trunk's venom demon form. Rouge was captured during the fight then saved by Rin. The two stole a ship and fled the prison. Two months later the two found Leo a paw paw fruit user.

Personality Edit

Rouge has a cocky personality. he often under estamates his foes. He can be caring at time when his crew is in trouble or when their blue. He also tends to rush into things.

Attacks and tools Edit

Ian has a large rang of attacks. He most commenly uses his black hole powers. He also uses three sword style and guns at times.

Quotes Edit

"If the world wont change by its self ill just have to make it"- Ian to Trunks

" If being a pirate is so easy why don't we all just be pirates!"-Ian to Luffy

"If playing music is easy why don't you teach me?" - Ian to brook

"Anyone who gives up on a friend is trash in my eyes!" Ian to Rin and Leo